Use pre-designed token based business models to take your monetisation and community collaboration to a new level
Power your mission with your own crypto-economy
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Unprecedented possibilities
of aligned incentives

Unleash the power of community with rewards for project collaborators

Open-up new monetization stream with programmable holder incentives

Launch your own economy with one of the purpose-built models
Craft your mission and present the vision
Configure access to your services via token holding to open up a new way to build wealth, not just revenue.
New wealth stream

Professionally balanced token economies to select from for most common business models.

Quickly configure your mission and economy with intuitive interface and step-by-step guides. No blockchain knowledge required.
Easy start

Empowered community

Reward valuable contributions with tokens by launching quests and bounties for collaborators not limited to your core team.

Functional API to work with your current technology and productivity stacks.
Legal clarity

Economics designed to minimize legal risks. Comprehensive overview of not-so-easy to navigate crypto regulation.
A new way launching and running meaningful projects

You only count on yourself and the employed team to reach the goals.
Your economy enables you to reward anybody willing to contribute, while also motivating current employees without complicated stock options bureaucracy.
New way
Old way
Most modern businesses with basic tech competence can tokenize their missions.
Blockchain projects with tech-savvy teams reap the benefits of tokenization.
All contributors including customers benefit from success as mission’s economy grows.
Only founders and VCs benefit from growth.
Customers no longer simply pay to get access to your service, but buy and hold your tokens both getting the product and direct incentive to support and promote you.
Customers pay for the service and have little motivation to get involved.
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NFT holders will get an early access to the product and exclusive MSSN events